Council Members

Class Officers

President: Laksumi Sivanandan, Farley Hall


Vice President: Brandon Garcia, Stanford Hall 


Treasurer: Quentin Colo, Duncan Hall


Secretary: Gabby Meridien, Welsh Family Hall 


Class Representatives 

Brennan Dour, Stanford Hall 


Caitlyn Clinton, Ryan Hall


Hi everyone, my name is Caitlyn Clinton. As a part of a military family, I have lived all of the U.S. and the world, but my current home is just outside of St. Louis (the Illinois side of the river).  I am so happy to have found my home at Notre Dame and in Ryan Hall (Ryan Go Bragh!). I am an American Studies and FTT double major with undecided goals post-grad. I am an avid traveler (I will talk to anyone, any time about my study abroad experience), love the outdoors, and consider myself an amateur food critic. You can always find me either in my dorm room, at a sporting event, or spending countless hours in the dining hall. I'm super excited to serve on JCC and I look forward to the year to come. Go Irish!





Caroline Marapese, Flaherty Hall


My name is Caroline Marapese and I am originally from Wilmington, NC but Flaherty Hall is my home on campus. I am majoring in finance and minoring in philosophy. On campus, I’m involved in College Mentors for Kids, SIBC, Symphony Orchestra, MSLA, and interhall sports! I look forward to working with everyone to unite the Class of 2020. Go Irish!








Carson Collins, Farley Hall



Carter Collins, Zahm House


Carter was born on New Year's Day in the Lone Star State. He is studying finance and Spanish and has hopes of going into investment banking after graduation. He loves to travel with his family, watch sports with friends, and play golf in his free time. His favorite foods include sushi and tex-mex, especially chips & queso. He is looking forward to another great year serving on the class council for the Class of 2020. Go Irish and God Bless America!







Chris Nowicki, Knott Hall 

Chris Fcc

Hello! My name is Chris Nowicki, and I am a junior at Notre Dame studying finance and political science. Spawned in the hell fires of Madison, WI, I first found fame in the underground sewer ice skating scene. When I'm not in class or stuck in the BIC working on an SIBC project, I love to hang out with my friends, play some Fortnite, or get down and dirty outside. But don’t let it fool you, I have a softer side – I recently finished a complete work of poems. Favorite number? 1. Favorite game? UNO. Favorite Song? One by Metallica. I guess I would have to say three people that are influential to me are: 1) Bill Clinton, 2) Lead guitarist of Pearl Jam, and 3) Dame Judi Dench. Bottom-line: Chris Nowicki IS figure skating. G’Irish.


Christy Ivey, Cavanaugh Hall


Greetings! My name is Christy Ivey, and I am a Mechanical Engineering major living in Cavanaugh Hall. I was born and raised in a rural area (agriscience magnet high school, yikes) just north of Baltimore, Maryland. Outside of class council, I play on ND's Club Rugby team and Cav's basketball team (back-to-back interhall champs, what of it?). I am also an announcer for 88.9 FM WSND! During my free time, I like to walk around St. Mary's Lake with my friends and eat Little Debbie's Oatmeal Creme Pies. Upon entering the real world, I intend to go into manufacturing engineering and hopefully live abroad. Go Chaos and go Irish!





Claire Saltzman, Ryan Hall


Hi, all! My name is Claire Saltzman, and I am so excited to serve on JCC this year! I am a Science-Business major from the beautiful state of South Dakota, but am now a proud resident of Ryan Hall. So far at Notre Dame, I’ve really enjoyed spending time in student gov, tutoring at the LRC, volunteering at St. Joe’s, and baking with fellow wildcats in Ryan every Tuesday. I can’t wait to meet you all, much love, and go Irish!







Clare Eilers, Ryan Hall


Hi guys! My name is Clare Eilers and I am from Winnetka, IL (used to say Chicago but kept being called a fake from my friends who are actually from the city), and live in Ryan Hall here on campus. I am majoring in finance and psychology. Some other activities besides class council that I enjoy participating in include tutoring through SAINTS, playing inner hall flag football (Go Cats!), participating in activities offered by NDIGI, and eating treats at FJs on Tuesday nights. I love Notre Dame, and have enjoyed the past two years more than I can express. I hope to help make Junior year an even better year by planning great class gathering events -- all of which will hopefully include free food! G'irish!





Clare Fallon, Pasquerilla West Hall


Hello! My name is Clare Fallon and I’m from Glenview, Illinois- another suburb of Chicago- but now I live in Pasquerilla West! Outside of class, I can be found on the second floor of the library or constantly running from one office hours to the next for my computer science classes. I play on the flag football team and a coed curling team but played field hockey in high school. Other clubs I am involved with are SIBC and SWE which I love. I’m looking forward to being a member of JCC this year and can’t wait to start planning fun events! 

Dan Venetucci, Keenan Hall


Delaney Farwell, Pasquerilla East Hall


Drew Lischke, Stanford Hall


Fabi Shipley, Lyons Hall


Hey ND! My name is Fabi Shipley and I am a Political Science and Arabic major living in Lyons Hall. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and am an obnoxious Pittsburgh sports fan. This will be my third year serving on Class Council and I am excited to continue planning events that will shape our legacy as a Notre Dame graduating class! On campus I am also involved in Student Government, Student Coalition for Immigration Advocacy, and Take Ten. I can't wait to get to know more members of the Class of 2020 and I hope to see a lot of you at JCC events this year!





Francesca Carfagnini, Howard Hall


Hi everyone! My name is Francesca Carfagnini, and I am from Elmhurst, IL ("Chicago"). I will be abroad in Rome this fall, but cannot wait to come back to campus to live in Howard Hall. I am a Finance and Economics major, along with an Italian minor, so I keep myself pretty busy. When I'm not in Howard or the Bond library, you can can find me at Dance Co rehearsal or coloring outside. I love all things ND and can't wait to serve on JCC this spring. Go Irish!



Francis Schickel, Knott Hall


Hello Class of 2020! I'm Francis Schickel, and I'm from Ithaca, NY (somewhere in upstate where there are cows). I'm a big fan of our Club and Rec Sports programs and have played interhall football, Bengal Bouts Boxing, and  intramural soccer. As for the rest of my classic Notre Dame introduction: I'm a Computer Science Major and Korean Minor ( 안녕!)  and I proudly live in best dorm, Knott Hall! Additionally, I'm part of KSA and SIBC. Also, back in Ithaca, there is no Chick-Fil-A! So if there's an event with Chick-Fil-A, I will either be serving you for JCC, or I'll be next to you in line, waiting for some chicken too!  On a final note, like many of you, Notre Dame has become my new home, and I'd like to keep our class community the best it can be, so let me know any of your questions, concerns, or ideas that can help boost you through the coming year, let me know!




Georgia Twersky, Flaherty Hall


Hi! I'm Georgia Twersky, and I am so excited to serve on the JCC for the Spring Semester! I'm from sunny Los Angeles and love playing volleyball or reading a book on the beach. Still working on finding a proper beach, but the new sand courts north of Dunne Hall are very nice. When not watching Breaking Bad or listening to podcasts, you can find me working Flaherty's very first food service that I started with three friends called Flaherty Fro(Yo)nana. I live on the fourth floor of Flaherty Hall (fourth floor best floor!) and will be traveling in the next 7 months to not only Germany but also Chile! Fun Fact: Over spring break, my first tennis match I watched ever was Serena vs. Venus Williams! 


Grace Campanile, Lewis Hall



Greg Cichon, Siegfried Hall


Hey everyone, I’m Greg Cichon and I’m from Colorado Springs, Colorado! I’m a Science-Business major and Anthropology minor hoping to go to medical school and living in Siegfried Hall. I’m a BIG outdoor guy, even though you’ll probably find me in Jordan or Club Hes most of the time. I’ll be studying abroad in Puebla, Mexico during the fall 2018 semester, but I’m super excited to be working with JCC during the spring! Go Class of 2020 and go Irish!






Haley Coleman, Farley Hall


Hi guys! My name is Haley Coleman and I'm from Las Vegas, Nevada. I am an International Economics and Political Science double major here at Notre Dame and I am going to be spending the fall semester 2018 in Washington, DC. When I am on campus, I can usually be found in Lafun, hanging out on North Quad or running around the lakes. Some of my interests include hiking (when I'm home; South Bend weather is not my friend), dogs, and traveling. Also, I spent last summer studying in Berlin and desperately want to go back, so if anyone wants to give me a reason to go to Germany, please, feel free. I'm super excited to be a part of JCC and get more involved with the ND community. Go Irish!




Hannah Koechley, Farley Hall


Hi friends! I’m Hannah Koechley, and I call Bellevue, Ohio home when I’m not in Farley with the ~finest~ ladies on campus. I’m a PreProfessional Studies major and Poverty Studies minor planning to attend med school after graduation. My hobbies include creative writing, playing flute, and eating an impressive amount of NDH banana bread. I’m so looking forward to working with an amazing team of peers on JCC this year!





Jess Hannon, Farley Hall


Hi! I’m Jess Hannon from Glen Head, New York: a town on Long Island about 40 minutes from the city.  I live in Farley Hall, the finest dorm on campus, if you know what I mean.  I’m majoring in Sociology and Spanish and minoring in the Hesburgh Program in Public Service.  I am a research assistant at the BRAVE lab and a member of the Red Cross Club (blood drives woohoo) and I’m super excited about being a part of JCC this year!






Joe Witt, Siegfried Hall

Joe Jcc

Hey ND! I'm Joe Witt, Class Council's biggest fan. I am originally from St. Louis, MO and live in Siegfried Hall. I am majoring in International Economics with a concentration in Spanish and minoring in International Development Studies and Computing and Digital Technologies. After two amazing years on Class Council, I am very excited to continue my work with the best Student Union Organization after a semester abroad in Santiago, Chile. 




Jonathan Welsh, Dillon Hall

Julia Reyes, Flaherty Hall


I’m from Cleveland, OH and am a proud resident of Flaherty Hall and am majoring in Econ and ACMS. I am an avid fan of the fried mozzarella sticks in NDH. You can always find me on the first floor of Flaherty on Thursday nights running my food service, Flaherty FroYo(nana) with my friends (shameless plug). This is my first time on a class council, so I am excited to get my new ideas out there and hopefully help us have the best year at ND yet! 





Julia Stengle, Lyons Hall


Hello ND! My name is Julia Stengle and I am from Toledo, OH. I am a proud Lyons Hall Lyonite majoring in Film, Television, and Theater with minors in Business Economics and Collaborative Innovation. Outside of class council, I am involved in flag football, the Scholastic Magazine, Dance Co, and the Media and Entertainment Industry Club. I am so excited to be a member of JCC and plan awesome events for our class. GO IRISH! 






Katie O'Sullivan, Badin Hall

Katie Jcc

Katie O'Sullivan is a Political Science and International Peace Studies double major with a minor in Business Economics. She is originally from New York and will readily admit she misses the city more than her family. After her experience serving on the Sophomore Class Council, Katie is thrilled to have a chance to serve the Class of 2020 on the Junior Class Council before studying abroad in London in the spring. Some would say her strengths include captioning social media posts, passionately handing out Rise n' Roll donuts, and making an entrance by tripping into rooms with shocking consistency. If seen crossing South Quad, feel free to wave enthusiastically until she comes within five feet of you and recognizes who you are long enough to wave back (disclaimer: she has terrible eyesight and loses her contacts and/or glasses daily).



Linde Hoffman, Lewis Hall


Hi, my name is Linde Hoffman and I’m a Political Science and Spanish double major from Grand Rapids, Michigan! I live in Lewis Hall and served as their Senator for the 2017-2018 term. I volunteer in South Bend in my free time tutoring bilingual elementary aged children and interning at an expungement law clinic. I’m planning on going to law school after graduation and will talk your ear off about politics and the Constitution. I love monograms, guacamole, and the Obama family all way too much!


Mary Hilliard, Cavanaugh Hall




Matthew Gregory, Knott Hall


What's up guys, my name is Matthew Gregory, and I'm from Louisville (important: pronounced LOO-VUL, not LOO-E-VILLE), Kentucky and Knott Hall majoring in Computer Science. My friends tell me I am not a real engineer, so make sure y'all make fun of me similarly. Around campus, I am currently an IT and Analytics intern at the Investment Office and am a big SIBC guy. You can find me having deep, hour-long conversations about my feelings with roommate and fellow JCC Francis Schickel every night, complaining about how unfair FIFA is, and watching all sports possible. I am known for wearing banana suits to all the football games and solely wearing tank tops otherwise.  I’ll be studying and interning in Silicon Valley in the spring, so I'll make up for it with double the hype with JCC in the Fall. Roll 'Rish!

Molly McGraw, Flaherty Hall



Morgan Peck, Welsh Family Hall


Hey y'all! My name is Morgan Peck, and I'm from Hunt Valley, MD. I am a proud Whirlwind of Welsh Family Hall, which I represented last year on Student Senate. I am studying sociology (major), Spanish (supplementary major), and constitutional studies (minor). My time is usually split between catching up on my favorite shows (mainly This Is Us and Jane the Virgin), nerding out with Not-So-Royal Shakespeare Co., dancing with Project Fresh, or speed-walking across campus to a meeting. Here's to a great junior year!






Morgan Swan, Pasquerilla West Hall


I’m Morgan Swan, a proud PDub Weasel and an FTT and Spanish major. I come all the way from Los Angeles (crazy, I know!), and I absolutely LOVE Notre Dame! I am so excited to get involved in Junior Class Council and represent the Class of 2020. Some of my hobbies include playing tennis, hanging out with friends, working out in the awesome Smith Center at La Dunc (please, not Du Stu), eating good food, and dogs (yes, dogs. Literally ANYTHING to do with dogs). I am also a part of the Media Industry Club on campus, so if you are interested in the entertainment industry in any way, I’m your girl! As a junior class representative, I look forward to creating fun events and getting everyone pumped for the year ahead!





Nick Lucci, Sorin College


Hi everybody, my name is Nick Lucci and I am super excited to have an opportunity to be a member of JCC this year.  I am a finance and ACMS major from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and I currently live in Sorin College.  When I am not grinding through work in the second-floor study lounge of the best dorm on campus, I enjoy playing on the club lacrosse team, working for the football team as a film analyst, and love to play interhall sports.  You can also find me hanging out on Sorin’s porch listening to music or watching a game.  I can’t wait to get to work this year, G’Irish!


Ryan Doyle, Morrissey Manor


Hello! My name is Ryan Doyle I am a Business Analytics Major with a minor in theology because I couldn’t be any more boring. I currently live in the best Manor on campus – Morrissey Manor and I am lucky enough to serve as president of the magnificent manor. I am originally from right outside Philadelphia Pennsylvania – home of the Super Bowl Champions Eagles. Thus, I learned to hurl insults, batteries, and snowballs at a disgustingly young age. On campus I am often found complaining about South Dining Hall (but defending it to the death), cursing at Excel under my breath, and inciting small riots. Can’t wait to do big things this year!






Ryan Fitzgerald, Stanford Hall


Hi everyone, my name is Ryan Fitzgerald, and I am from San Mateo, California. I am very lucky to call the Cinderblock Palace of Love, Stanford Hall, my home on campus. In my free time, you will most likely find me catching up on my TV shows, watching a sports game, or playing the guitar in my dorm. I am really looking forward to being a part of JCC and planning some awesome events for the coming year!







Shady Girgis, St. Edward's Hall


Sofia Balentine, Pasquerilla West Hall


Hey guys! My name is Sofia Balentine and I’m a Political Science and Business-Economics Major. I’m originally from Rye, New York, a small suburb about 45 minutes away from New York City. At Notre Dame, I am lucky enough to live amongst my fellow weasels in Pasquerilla West Hall. I love cheering on the Irish in any sport, but one of my favorite things about Notre Dame is playing on my inter hall flag football team as a linebacker. I’m super excited to be serving on Junior Class Council and to help support the class of 2020! Go Irish!





Thomas Quigley, Sorin College


Hi! My name’s Thomas Quigley, and I’m a Biological Sciences major from Sorin College. I was raised in a huge Notre Dame family in the Bay Area, but we’ve lived in Houston, Texas, for the past six years. When it’s warm outside, I spend most of my time on Bond Quad throwing a baseball or a football with my friends. I live for the football season, especially to see the energy around campus when Michigan comes this year. This summer, I’m spending eight weeks in Jinja, Uganda, teaching at a Holy Cross school and working in a local clinic, through the CSC’s ISSLP. Ask me about Uganda, Sorin’s bats, or my college football predictions!