Executive Committee

President: Joe Witt, Siegried Hall

I'm Joe Witt, Freshman Class Representative from Siegfried Hall! I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, so the crazy, ever changing Midwest weather is no stranger to me. I love living on Notre Dame's beautiful campus, and you can always find me on North Quad on a nice day (though they may be few and far between). Being so close to the library, that's my usual study spots, with frequent breaks to LaFun to get a bite to eat or to the Grotto to enjoy a moment of relaxation. I'm really excited to be on Freshman Class Council and for the opportunities that will rise and the people that I will meet. Notre Dame already feels like home and I can't wait to start giving back.

Vice President: John Henry Hobgood, Fisher Hall 

Hey y'all! My name is John Henry Hobgood, and I am from Shreveport, Louisiana.  I am beyond lucky to call the Cadillac of Dorms (Fisher Hall) my second home.  I am undecided for my major, but I plan to double major Economics and History/Spanish.  When not in class, I can be found obsessively watching New Orleans Saints football or Irish athletics, hanging out with friends, or drinking coffee or homemade sweet tea.  I am really excited to be on FCC and can't wait to make this a great year.  Go Irish!

Treasurer: Holly Miller, Lewis Hall

Hey friends! My name is Holly, and I am from Canton, Ohio. Some of my hobbies and interests include running, crafting, rock-climbing, and visiting national parks. Here at Notre Dame, I am involved in several activities and am excited to explore new opportunities, as well. In addition to being FCC representative of the Lew-S-A, I participate in CASH (Community Alliance to Serve Hispanics), Interhall Flag Football, SWE, HCRIS (Harper Cancer Research Institute Society), and KiND Club. My major is Chemical Engineering, and I am planning to pursue a biomolecular concentration, as I hope to one day research and develop medical treatments for diseases. I am looking forward to attending the upcoming sporting events and dances (hint, hint) and experiencing all of the other Notre Dame traditions this year. Go Irish!

Secretary: Molly McGraw, Farley Hall 

Hello everyone, my name is Molly McGraw. I am originally from Charlottesville, Virginia, home of the Hoos, but I am a long time fan of the Fighting Irish. I am privileged to live with the FINEST girls on campus (Go Farley). When I'm not in Farley, you can find me deep in the stacks in Club Hes, in line for Starbucks, or listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat. I am looking forward to meeting new people from various backgrounds and soaking up everything that it means to be a Notre Dame student. I am so excited to join FCC and feel honored to work among such an impressive group of leaders. GO IRISH!

Class Representatives 

Owen Ulicny, Alumni Hall 

Hello friends, my name is Owen Ulicny. I'm from just outside Boston, the greatest city on Earth, and I'm a proud resident of Alumni Hall, the greatest dorm on Earth. My special skills include cooking up a fine batch of oatmeal in a non-microwave safe bowl, hitting the high note in "Take on Me" by a-ha (my go-to karaoke song), and I've been told I'm a good listener. I also once beat David Robinson in cornhole. I'm honored to be a member of FCC and have the opportunity to work with the other representatives of the Class of 2020. Aside from FCC I play the cajon in the Alumni Hall Mass Band, the most dangerous mass band on campus. I also work with Foodshare, which transports leftover food from NDH to Hope Ministries, and I play club rugby. Go Irish!

Abbey Epplen, Badin Hall

Hello all! My name is Abbey Epplen, and I am from Edgewood, KY-- just across the river from Cincinnati, OH-- but I currently reside in the lovely Badin Hall. Go Bullfrogs! I'm a first generation Notre Dame student, but already bleed blue and gold. If I'm not chillin' in the Pond in Badin or some obscure library, be sure to catch me swinging through SDH or enjoying the gorgeous campus (given that it's not a frozen tundra). My favorite things include good food and better conversation so feel free to chat any time. I'm so excited to be a part of FCC and see what we can do for our dear ND! Also 10/10 would recommend a follow on Twitter @abbey_epplen :) Much love!

Mara Diego, Breen-Phillips

KAMUSTA! (Hello in Filipino)

Mara Diego, originally from one of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines, now calls Breen-Phillips (the Best Place on campus!) her new home. She is interested in pursuing a double major in Political Science & Psychology, with a possible minor in Japanese Studies. 
She loves to travel and learn about different cultures and languages which is probably why she signed up for so many cultural clubs on campus- FASO, the Russian and Japanese club to name a few. Her travel recommendations: Scotland and Japan. 

Mara is an avid baker, fascinated by the art of pastry and bread making. Cafes and bakeries are some of her favorite kick-back spots. If not in ABP or Starbucks, you'll be sure to find her brewing a cup in her room. She is also a HUGE foodie.

When not doing any of these things, she's either out doing some laps in Rolfs, playing fustal (indoor soccer), or at the ballet studio.

Go Irish!

Dhruv Chempakasseril, Carroll Hall

Dhruv, born eight-thousand miles away in Mumbai, India, arrived to the sweet American shores at the tender age of one. Upon landing, he quickly adapted to his new home, the Chicago suburbs, where he grew up on deep dish pizza. Nowadays, Dhruv can be found walking from and to the Lakeside Estate (A.K.A. Carroll Hall), heinously wasting his time, and eating cashew nuts. Dhruv plans to use this year to grow 6 inches taller, to (hopefully) learn a thing or two, and to help bring glory to Notre Dame. 

Madi McGhee, Cavanaugh Hall

Hey everyone! I'm Madi from Sycamore, Illinois. If you have never heard of it (I'm not surprised), but it is a small town where everyone knows everyone. So if you see me feel free to introduce yourself and I will yell your name across the quad next time I see you. As a Cavanaugh woman, my life gets pretty chaotic (haha get it). You could find me anywhere from the Stinson-Remick for FYEC to the athletic sidelines for yearbook. Fun fact: My only talent in life is I am ridiculously good at catching food in my mouth.  

Brain D. Kelley, Dillon Hall 

Born in raised in Massachusetts, the greatest state in the union. Huge Boston sports fan. Grew up hating Notre Dame (Go BC Eagles) but have as of late been converted. Currently living in Dillon Hall and intending to major in Finance. So far I've been involved in SIBC and Investment club, as well as hall athletics. I usually hang out in DeBartolo to get work done and such. Interesting fact about me is that I occasionally get emails from reporters thinking I'm a different Brian Kelly (Mine is spelled with an "ey," though).

Kevin Angell, Duncan Hall

Hi everybody, my name is Kevin Angell, and, like an enormous percentage of the school, I'm from the Chicago suburbs (go Naperville!). I'm a first generation Domer, and I'm enjoying getting into the school spirit.  I live in Duncan Hall (aka the hotel by the golf course), and I'm studying political science and economics. On campus, I'm involved with the Knights of Columbus and the Webmaster for the best paper on campus, The Irish Rover. You can generally find me in the Knights of Columbus building or in the secret 3rd floor O'Shag lounge (both have free food). This year, I am looking forward to accomplishing my quest of finding the best Mass/prayer service on campus to go to each day (the choices, donuts or soiree, chocolate cake or root beer floats, are just so hard). 

Paris Shirley, Dunne Hall

Hello, my name is Paris Shirley, 19yo, male, Dunne Hall. I'm from San Antonio and firmly believe that Texas could be one of the greatest countries in the world. I'm currently a computer science, but please ask me again after the first semester. I typically can be found shirking my responsibilities by playing ping pong, board games, and watching Jeopardy (in serious preparation of getting onto the show somewhat soon). I'm just looking to be the looking glass into the awesome goons that occupy Dunne, establishing our roots into Notre Dame respectability. In rapid fire summarization of myself: I'm in ROTC, an NBA fiend, looking to bankrupt NDH through my consumption of kiwis, coming off a gap year in which I spent 5 months in Thailand, miss my mom unbelievably, and am always, undoubtedly down to clown. Let's go Irish.

Madeleine (Maddie) Heyn, Flaherty Hall 

Hi! My name is Maddie Heyn and I'm in Flaherty Hall and the College of Sciences. I am from Greensboro, North Carolina. I was born in LA and return to the west coast each summer. This means I've been in the Pacific many more times than the Atlantic which is weird for someone on the east coast! I play Flag Football for Flaherty Hall (Go Bears!!) and am a member of Harper Cancer Research Institute Society. My favorite spot to work on campus is the blue chairs on the second floor of the library because they overlook the reflecting pool and face the stadium. This spot is also close to ABP which is nice because I love coffee way too much for someone who gets too hyper with caffeine. An interesting fact about myself is that I have driven across the country 21 times and been to 33 states!

Sophia DeFranco, Howard Hall

Hello! My name is Sophia DeFranco. I'm from Long Island, New York- still trying to find bagels and pizza that compare to home- and am a duck in Howard Hall! I am very excited to represent the Class of 2020 as a member of the Freshmen Class Council. Outside of class, I can usually be found doing crowd push-ups at the football games, pigging out at South Dining Hall, attempting to learn the rules of football, or attending Milkshake Mass on Thursdays. Go Irish! 

Dan Venetucci, Keenan Hall

Hey, I'm Dan Venetucci, and I am super excited to be representing the Knights of Keenan Hall for FCC! I am originally from the most interesting place in the world, the northwest Chicago suburbs (McHenry, for those who know the area). I am hoping to study economics and political science with the goal of eventually entering a career in public service. At Notre Dame, I can usually be found destroying my section-mates in a game of Super Mario Strikers, trying to get more physically fit so I don't get pummeled in Men's Boxing Club, or downing way too many glasses of chocolate milk in North Dining Hall. I am really looking forward to planning lots of great things for our freshman class this year and helping make the Class of 2020 the best it can be!

James Bathon, Keough Hall

My name is James Bathon. I'm the youngest of 5 children and I'm from Pleasantville, NY, but currently reside in Keough Hall 

I love sports and was a 3 sport athlete in high school, despite being restricted from competition at times due to a rare autoimmune condition.  I hope to continue athletic involvement through inter-hall and club sports. Additionally, I'm my dorm section's sports representative and am part of the freshman student athletic trainer program. Faith is a key aspect of my life and I am currently a Eucharistic Minister for my dorm's chapel. Outside of ND, I continue to organize blood drives and a can tab collection program (for the Ronald McDonald House) in my home town. Finally, I am deciding between Business or Engineering, but am leaning toward engineering with Pre-med. 

I look forward to serving my class on FCC and being part of the ND family.  

Chis Nowicki, Knott Hall

Chris was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin before moving to Green Bay (Go Pack Go) and finally settling down in a suburb of Madison (Not Chicago). While Saturdays are for the boys and Irish football, Sundays you can find Chris watching his beloved Packers and stressing about all the homework he should've started hours ago. An avid lover of all things good in life, namely Netflix, Chris also loves to get involved in anything and everything outdoors. Lastly, G'Irish. 

Fabi Shipley, Lyons Hall

Hey Notre Dame! My name is Fabi Shipley (short for Fabiola, there's a story if you wanna ask me sometime), and I was proudly born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA (I love love love talking about my hometown so if you wanna chat about Steelers football or Primanti's sandwiches, you'd be doing me a great service). Here at ND you can find me hanging out in the lovely Lyons Hall, goofing off on the sand volleyball courts, studying somewhere in OShag, eating peanut butter ice cream in the dining hall, or people watching/Netflix watching on any given bench around campus. This year I am super excited to plan events for the Freshman class and make some good friends along the way. Go Irish!

Kate Leonard, McGlinn Hall

Hi! My name is Kate Leonard. I'm originally from Victor, NY which is in upstate New York just outside of Rochester but my new home is in McGlinn Hall (Go Shamrocks!) . I'm involved in the Notre Dame's Special Olympics and Make a Wish Club and I'm the starting safety and kicker for McGlinn's A Team Flag football. You can likely find me either studying in the section study room with my roommates or in LaFun spending all my flex points on Starbucks. I look forward to being on FCC this year and can't wait for an amazing year at my new home! GO IRISH! 

Patrick Fischer, Morrissey Manor

Hello! My name is Patrick Fischer and I'm from St. Joseph, Michigan. I currently live in the best dorm on campus, Morrissey Manor. I'm a third generation Notre Dame student and it's a great honor to be able to represent the Freshman class. Besides being a member of FCC, I play defensive end for the robotic football team. I'm also a student football manager and a member of the Ping Pong club. When not trying stay up to date with my schoolwork, I can usually be found watching sports (Go Bears!) or losing to my roommate in FIFA. Go Irish!

Daniel Petracek, O'Neill Hall

Greetings, my name is Daniel Petracek. I'm a proud member of O'Neill Hall's Angry Mob (Section 2A!). I grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City, KS and have always been an ND fan. Despite my hall's mascot, I have a relatively calm demeanor, so don't be expecting any torches or pitchforks in my grasp unless we just lost in football, of course. I love the September weather here and I think I'll need to load up on some bro tanks for the future. I am pursuing a career in engineering, although the particular discipline is still under consideration. I also dabble in First Year Engineering Council, College Mentors for Kids, and some fun recreational sports. I'm beyond excited to be a part of FCC, so that I can make the first-year experience one to remember for the Class of 2020. And our hearts forever, love thee, Notre Dame!

Whitney C Lim, Pasquerilla East Hall

Hey y'all! 

STORYTIME. Last summer when my family came home from vacation, I learned that I was voted "mayor" of my church youth group... that's all I got for my previous student government experience.

FUN FACTS. I love the six-sister band Cimorelli (I've seen them in concert twice and each one follows me on Twitter, no big deal). My perfect snack trio is peanut butter, pretzels, and apples. Two of my life goals are to travel to all 50 states (19 so far) and all 7 continents (3 so far).

ND INTRO. I was born and raised in San Francisco, California, and I never thought I'd call South Bend, Indiana, my new home. I'm an Undecided Arts & Letters major. I'm part of Iron Sharpens Iron, the Asian American Association, and Building Bridges.

The peace of Christ be with you. Go Irish!

Allison Huffman, Pasquerilla West Hall

Hi! My name is Allison Huffman. I tell people I'm from Dayton so I don't get laughed at for being from a town called Tipp City, Ohio (we have a Youtube video called Tipp City Life if you wanna look us up). I am a proud weasel (peace, love, Pdub) and love chillin' in my quad with my roommates and your cardboard cutout of Zayn Malik. I am involved in the ProLife group on campus as well as United Way. This year, I'm looking forward to bringing Pdub our rightful title of Hall of the Year and getting to know my fellow Domers as we struggle through Gen Chem together. I'm looking forward to planning some awesome events for the Class of 2020! Go Irish!

Caitlyn Clinton, Ryan Hall

Hi everyone, my name is Caitlyn Clinton. As a part of a military family, I have lived all of the U.S. and the world, but my current home is just outside of St. Louis (the Illinois side of the river). I am so happy to call Notre Dame my home for the next few years and I am honored to be a part of FCC for the class of 2020. As a proud member of Ryan Hall, my loyalty will always be with my fellow Wildcats. I am intending to major in American Studies, but that could definitely change over the next few years. I am an avid runner (cross country, track, and just for fun) and I love cooking.  I also spend time working on the media side of Notre Dame Athletics with the Fighting Irish Media. I am looking forward to working on FCC this year. Go Irish!

Thomas Quigley, Sorin College

Hi! My name's Thomas Quigley, and I'm a freshman in Sorin College. I'm a biology major from Houston, Texas, hoping to do research on how obesity affects the lives of the squirrels on God Quad. I also happen to the live in the beautiful Sorin basement, in a room with a giant support beam that runs through the middle. I'm usually in there watching football or on Bond Quad throwing a ball around. I can't wait for a great first year, and go Irish!

Shady Girgis, St. Edward's Hall

Hi! My name is Shady Girgis. I was born and partially raised in Cairo, Egypt until I moved to New Orleans, Louisiana in 2005. Besides being the Freshman Class Council Representative for the best dorm on campus (St. Edward's Hall), I am also involved with World Hunger Coalition, African Student Association, Black Student Association, and hopefully a couple more soon. My favorite place on campus is the grotto at night, and my second favorite place on campus, unfortunately, is the second floor of the Hesburgh Library where you will find me about 99% of the time when outside of class. I look forward to planning amazing events for the aspiring class of 2020, diving into my major of Neuroscience, building relationships and connections that will last a lifetime, and fully embracing everything this university has to offer. Other than that, God bless and go Irish! 

Brandon Garcia, Stanford Hall

Hi kids! My name is Brandon Garcia and I am a native from Casa Grande, Arizona (a small town in the middle of no where). I was actually born in California and lived in Nevada for eight years though so I don't know if I can consider myself an Arizonan native. I am currently involved in various Latino clubs on campus, and plan on jointing the fitness club. I am also member of Stanford's interhall football team. I look forward to the inside jokes I will come to share with so many new people over the next four years. I usually hangout in the Library or in Stanford's basement whenever it is popping. One interesting fact about me is that I was born blonde, and I will always resent my body for changing my hair color.

Marie St. Pierre, Walsh Community in Pangborn 

Hello! My name is Marie St. Pierre and I am super excited to be a part of the FCC this year! I grew up in Long Island, New York, just about 40 minutes outside NYC. When I'm not in class or stuck in the library working on a Chem lab report, I love to hang out with my friends on south quad, run around the lake, or watch a movie (with snacks of course). I love meeting new people and I'm always looking for an excuse to procrastinate, so I'd love to talk any time! I really look forward to working with the FCC to make this a welcoming, unifying, and fun-filled first two semesters for us First Years! I hope to become more involved in campus ministry, planning events for the Class of 2020 and cheering on the fighting Irish at every home game! God Bless and Go Irish!

Ann Paulose, Welsh Family Hall

Born and raised in Long Island, I am proud to be a New Yorker. With my double major in finance and political science, it's not a surprise that I would be a resident of the known STEM dorm on campus-Welsh Fam. I love watching One Tree Hill, complaining about missing Poland Spring Water, and John Mayer. When I am not at College Republicans, Student International Business Council, or making 5 cups of coffee a day, you can find me playing my acoustic guitar, maybe even at Acousticafe.

Carter Collins, Zahm House

I was born on New Year's Day in 1998 in the Lone Star State. Despite growing up in Dallas, I am a huge Chicago Bears fan. Personal heroes include Dirk, Tom Brady and Seth Rogen. On campus, I reside in the world-renowned Zahm House, and I'm planning on becoming a finance major in hopes of going into investment banking. If that doesn't work out, I aspire to take over as either NFL Commissioner or U.S. President. When I'm not on the hallowed grounds of Zahm, you can find me golfing or watching sports. I love to eat Tex-Mex and Sushi, and have seen every Star Wars movie at least 50 times. Other than that, I'm looking forward to Notre Dame winning the College Football Playoff while I am a student here.

Go Irish and God Bless America